Your guide for living life to the fullest and traveling with ease. Join me as I explore life with an open mind and show you how to take care of yourself in the process.

Good Food

The best recipes for vegan and pescatarian diets. Easy, fast, and affordable! Taking care of our insides and paying attention to what you put in your body is step 1 in wellness. Fuel your body like the temple it is, with these recipes.

Look Good

Your resource for fashion and beauty on a budget! Looking good and feeling confident in how you look is a huge part of self care. From sustainable beauty products to cost friendly, comfortable style, I’ve got you covered.

Feel Good

Self care from the inside out. Inspiration and info on yoga, balancing your chakras, 420, and taking care of your mental health. Everything I do to take care of my mind and body, and live a balanced life!

Good Lyfe

Travel, fun, and just overall Life. Your guide for traveling on a budget, tips for travel, and letting go of stress to just enjoy the journey.

Be Good

Be good to your Earth! How to be a green consumer, lifestyle changes to help in the climate change fight, ways to get involved on a bigger scale. This is our Earth, it’s our job to take care of her!

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